How to choose a domain name

Choose a domain name – Involves registering it, buying the domain in the secondary market to derive traffic, turning it into revenue.

When you choose a domain name for you, you should consider these big factors:


It is the most SEO consideration when purchasing a domain. In other words it means how people perceive you and remember you. Avoid using domains that are hyphenated and use of numbers.

This is because they have no branding value as well as limited SEO value. Even if you are able to get such a domain a top ten, you will likely sell it on the first visit because few people will remember it once they leave. Also it is too generic and lacks credibility.

This can work out well if you obtain Top Level Domain (TLD) otherwise avoid dashes and hyphens unless they are integrated into the business name. Domain names with such may be detected as sperms and may affect the ranking.

A brand gives a point of distinction in a crowded market; it is easier to provide links on the branded domain names. This is because people this name is taken seriously than the other name like, which looks to be fooling and looks spammy.

Such a name cannot be linked because when you do so, the content will have lost its value hence low-quality content. This is the same reason why directory editors often reject such names. Therefore avoid using such names because they cause one to lose a lot of free links that you will be given.

Choose brands that are memorable, unique, short, relevant and those not prone to errors.

Hyphens, dashes and numbers are not user friendly and are also not remembered therefore may cause traffic if the URL is misspelled. This may also lead to landing into competitors’ site

Ranking and linking.

Many SEO’s will provide the value of keywords which will help you to choose what suits. When naming your site and deciding on the domain name to use, it will be helpful if you apply lessons of SEO, branding and domaining.

For example, you can use this approach; GENERIC + TERM. Just take the keyword you have chosen then add another word on the end. Use words that have SEO value in them because many people will use the keyword in the link. A good example is Google, which knows the importance of the keyword within the domain name for ranking purposes. Tip: * Choose a domain name carefully, don’t rush, take your time.

Such a name will also retain the element of unique branding. They score very high on rank-ability and link-ability meter.

Use of exact match domains names

For example, if your site is called, it may be ranked better for the keywords.

These are domains that match the search keyword term. It is good to adopt this idea because and exact match you to target one, specific keyword phrase.

It will enable your link word and the domain name to match well. Also the domain name is likely to be highlighted when searching using Google hence making it visible.

This also has it’s disadvantages which are; the exact match domains maybe over-hyped yet not worth the premium. It does not give necessarily needed information since you will only target a single keyword.


As much as we said that we should use short names in branding, length is actually a factor in selecting the domain. Shorter URL is better than longer ones because people tend to avoid clicking long URL links.

Also these short ones are easier to remember than long ones. Short names will fit in the search results and Google will cut off the extensional words. Also short names will be able to fit on the business cards and other offline tools that market your URL.

Impact on longevity

Always choose that domain name that will help your business or company to sell and grow. The name should help to diversify your business. Use the URL that will serve the business or the company’s needs today, tomorrow and up-to-date.

Renew the domain name

After you choose a domain name, it is important not to allow your domain name to be obsolete or expire because you stand a chance to lose the name to another competitor or the worst may happen where unethical company holding your domain name to ransom may ask you to pay a lot in order to get it back.

Therefore avoid this by registering the domain name with a nice supplier who will send you a reminder notice once it approaches expiry date so that you can renew the domain name in time.

Use Top Level Domain Extensions (TLD)

TLDs are suffixes attached to the internet domain names. A TLD extension is believed to be one of the weapons in selling out your business or the company.

Some of the best SEO’s use TLDs like .com,, .ro, .es, will provide to the site more weight in Search Engines algorithms. It also believed that such TLDs are more credible than others.

You can be having a TLD like .org or net but it will be good if you have .corn. This ensures that your site is not directed to your competitor’s or loses traffic.

Market your URL

After coming up with the best URL that you feel will suit your company, it is important to market and promote it everywhere. Use both online and offline tools like social mediaplatforms, adverts, banners, posters etc..

In the long run, when the business grows, there will be traffic as a result of your many customers typing your URL in their browsers hence a good sign that your brand is well known.

Avoid trademarked names.

You can have a feeling that you have come up with a suited domain name. Well, it is crucial that you check out chances of having someone’s copyright.

Watch what you pay

Domain sell differently, some are sold for thousands, others millions. You should be able to get a domain even if you have little amount given nowadays we have great providers.

Short names will fit in the search results and Google will cut off the extensional words. Also short names will be able to fit on the business cards and other offline tools that market your URL.

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