What is MySQL, and why do I need it?

MySQL is a simple but robust and powerful open source Open Source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). This may seem may be too much to chew all in at once. Open Source software are issued under the GNU licenses meaning they source codes are free for distribution and editing.

A Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is a storage system that can form relationships between data stored there within. For instance, if you need to store login data and relate it to user details you can do so with an RDBMS. These relationships between the data stored in databases form the basis of
powerful manipulation and insightful information presentation.

Why MySQL?

MySQL is arguably the most popular database management system in use on the internet. This is because it has several advantages over other database systems. These advantages include:

It is Free

As aforementioned it is Open Source software meaning it is free for all. MySQL can be downloaded from the internet for free. In fact some Operating Systems, like Linux distros, come pre-loaded with MySQL or offer free installations from their software repositories. In addition most web host offer MySQL free as part of their hosting packages.

Active Community and Development

MySQL has gone through numerous versions – each being better version than the previous. Being Open Source software MySQL has an active global development community. Not only does this community contribute actively to development but they also form a very strong support group through forums and other internet resources.

Administration Software

Structured Query Language (SOL) requires the running of queries through a command line interface. MySQL is a derivative of SQL and runs on the same command prompt interface. However, there are numerous administrative software that encapsulate the complex command line queries. One of the most popular is PHPMYADMIN – it reduces the complex queries to simple form and links making it easy, even for a novice, to use MySQL. Most web host that offer MySQL bundle PHPMYADMIN too.

Why do You Need MySQL?

If you are intent on building a dynamic database driven website then you need a reliable RDBMS. MySQL is the choice of most web developers because it can be used with popular server side scripting language. PHP is a popular server side scripting language – and the PHP/MySQL combination is as much popular.

MySOL’s popularity continues to grow exponentially. This popularity is sustained by MySQL robustness and advantages over other database management systems.

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